The OASys Advantage

The Oasys now manufactured by Practical Renewable Energy Corp. (PREC), uses a combination of indirect and direct evaporative cooling, rather than compressors and refrigerants, to provide energy-efficient air conditioning while also bringing fresh air into the structure…


Using a heat exchanger (indirect cooling), and then run it through a water-saturated membrane (direct evaporative cooling) that also adds humidity and filters the air. The Oasys features a single pump/blower configuration and an energy efficiency greater than 40 SEER. PREC claims the unit can produce up to 3.5 tons of cooling using fewer than 600 watts, a savings of up to 80% over conventional systems. The Oasys can operate on 110V AC, photovoltaic DC, or a combination of the two without the need for an inverter, and comes with a four-year warranty on cabinet and motor.

80% Reduction in energy concumption
Reduces heating and cooling loads
Energy-conserving equipment
Improves air quality

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