Whats a great addiction to an OASys evaporative cooling system? The Answer is the Upduct provided by our partner site upduct.com.

What is an Upduct?

Upduct are easy to install ceiling vents that go hand and hand with an OASys Evaporation cooling system. They are easy to install and the diffuser cone spins to open and reversing the action, closes the upduct for the off-season. The barometric damper inside prevents any reverse-flow of air from the attic.
The primary benefit of these upducts. comes from the reduced heat- load caused by a hot attic. Typically your attic is 30 degree’s hotter than the outside temperature. This causes up to a 50% reduction in the “R” value of your attics insulation and your entire ceiling becomes a heater radiating more heat into your rooms. With evaporation cooling, you don’t have to add an attic fan just add more vents.
Installation is all done from under the ceiling, you don’t need to go into the attic. Tools required, a stud finder so you avoid ceiling studs and a hole saw to cut the hole in your ceiling, that’s all! The Easy Seal UpDuct has four spring loaded cam-locks that activate when you press the upduct unit into the ceiling. No screws are required as it seals to the ceiling from the pressure of the four cam-locks. With a little practice, install can be as fast as seven minutes.
You will want one per average size bedroom with more for larger rooms as each upduct can handle about 500 cfm. To remove heat from the attic as efficient as possible, upduct should be installed as close to outside walls as possible. The galvanized metal duct portion that extends into the attic is over 12″ allowing penetration of attic insulation which becomes the insulation for the upduct.