The OASys CRS 1000 model operates as a 2.5 to 3 ton air conditioner and produces 900 cfm of fresh conditioned air for residential, commercial or

institutional spaces. Multiple units can be used in larger configurations. Because of its unique flexibility the OASys can efficiently air condition smaller spaces as well–for pennies a day. OASys may be installed on the roof, wall mounted or on a ground pad.

The heart of OASys is the Indirect Cooling Module (ICM) which first cools incoming fresh air without adding moisture. The air then passes through the Direct Cooling Module (DCM), is cleansed and humidity is optimized. The cooled air enters the space directly or through conventional duct configurations and exits by Up-Ducts, roof vents or other openings. The small amount of water used in this process is renewed periodically by a self-purging reservoir. This waste water can be used to irrigate landscaping or garden areas.The OASys cools, cleans and circulates the air using less than 600 watts.

Original retail price $2,495.00 This product is “ON SALE” at $1595. One year parts warranty I will not accept any orders until we talk by phone to insure correct oneplus 4 specification installation and that your needs will be satisfied. Originally manufactured in 2008, factory wrapped, new condition. You must pickup or arange your own shipping trucking pickup.

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